Recently, LG was able to achieve the transmission and reception of 6G Terahertz (THz) data at a distance of 320 meters apart at the external location. The successful test was conducted at the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz (HHI) Institute in Berlin, Germany.

6G is expected to be up to 50 times faster, as well as 10 times more responsive and more stable compared to less compact 5G. To achieve this success, LG and its partners have developed a 20dBm transmitter for data transmission and use of another receiver that can enhance the service. In the future, LG plans to achieve 1TB transfer speed per second, not only in the open, but also indoors, such as indoors or indoors.

Of course, 6G technology will not be available to the public any time soon, with small-scale launch plans starting in 2025. While the launch of public relations will be possible during 2029 onwards.