Black Myth: Wukong Releases New Screenshots and Videos Before Launching

For the past two years, Game Science has been sharing a Gameplay Trailer video about large-scale U-Kong games with beautiful graphics and attractive character design. So far, two videos and some screenshots have been shared before they are officially released during 2023.

The two new videos include an 8-minute video game in 4K and RTX (Ray-Tracing) with a new 6-minute Cut Scene video. . You will find new bosses that players will be killed in this game, including dragon monsters, spider monsters and many more. It should be noted that in the video also shows that the Frame Rate of the game is also smoother than before, without much Frame Rate drop as the video Gameplay two years ago.

This is the third time that Game Science has posted a gameplay video about Black Myth: Wukong, and every August it will receive a new video. However, we have not yet received the official release date, just know that it will be released during 2023.