IPhone users who care about security and privacy, do not forget these 9 steps

Your data security and privacy are very important, sometimes lost if it becomes a difficult issue. So today, Nolynn would like to share 9 important points that can be effectively implemented as follows.

1. iCloud Backup is an automatic data backup function. Everyday use on the iPhone, such as many settings, including data in each application can be backed up.

So in case the iPhone crashes or loses data for any reason, you can recover that data.

How to enable iCloud Backup Go to Settings> Click on your iCloud account> iCloud> iCloud Backup> Click Enable on iCloud Backup

2. Backup photos / videos to save them to iCloud account. In case you lose your phone or switch to another phone, you just have an iCloud account, you can still see your photos / videos.

How to Backup Photos / Videos 
Go to Settings> Photos> Click the Enable button on iCloud Photos.

3. iCloud or Apple-ID Account You should have an iCloud account on your iPhone at ___@icloud.com to store photo / video files, Notes files, phone numbers, reading books, passwords, and more.

And you can also use the above file on other iPhone or iPad, just have an iCloud account.

4. Turn on the Find My feature in case the phone is stolen or lost, you can still see where the iPhone is located or its last location where you can track the phone.

To enable this function

Go to Settings> click on your iCloud account> Find My> Find My iPhone> click the Enable button on Find My iPhone

Click the Enable button on Find My network to show the location of the iPhone even when the service is off.

Click the Enable button on Send Last Location to send the last location to iCloud when the iPhone is running low on battery.

5. Turn off the Tracking function should know that many applications need to monitor user activity, such as what you searched for in the Web browser, what applications are open or what you like to do on the phone. The reason is to get to know the users, then they will show the ads according to your preferences, but your data can also be sold by those companies in the online world.

To avoid this problem on iOS 14.5, Apple has released the App Tracking Transparency function to disable all app tracking.

To turn off tracking from other apps, go to Settings> Privacy> Tracking> Click Disable on Allow Apps To Request to Track.

6. Turn off Location Service This function can show the current location of you are to the application or third party. So you can have the right to decide by letting any app know where you are right now.

To set Location Service on some applications

Go to Settings> Privacy> Location Service

Choose which program you think you do not want to run Location Service with 4 options:

First: Never let the app use your location

Second: Ask Next Time for the program to jump to ask later

Third: While Using This App, use your location only during app launch.

Fourth: Always use your location

It should be noted that in Facebook or Google Maps, there is a special function to share the location of the third party if you choose Location Service: Always. So if any program does not need to use location, you can select Location Service: Never.

7. Security Recommendations are a function that reminds users that your account passwords are easy to guess, or that you use the same password on multiple accounts, which can be risky when your password is leaked. They can get all the accounts at once.

To enable this feature, go to Settings> Passwords> Security Recommendations> click Detect Compromised Passwords.

Then in the same location, if the password of any account users duplicate, it will instruct you to know or change to increase security.

8. Use the Fingerprint Unlock feature as a common security system that iPhone owners should not miss.

To set a fingerprint scan, go to Settings> Touch ID & Passcode> Enter a passcode> Add a Fingerprint and follow the instructions.

9. Use the unlock function by scanning Face ID from iOS 12 or iPhone X and up, you can use this function.

To enable Face Unlock Unlock, go to Settings> Face ID & Passcode> Tap Set Up Face ID and follow the instructions.