New AirPods Pro Noise Canceling with New Dual Controls and New Speaker Box

 Apple has announced the second-generation AirPods Pro with twice the noise-canceling H2 chip. In fact, in the long run, this new generation of headphones is similar to the previous Pro model.

In this update, the body of the headphones has a slight stripe for volume control, and the silicone rubber on the end of the headphones also offers a variety of options for extra ears, such as XS size, small, medium and large.

Apple adds that the AirPods Pro offers richer bass quality and crystal clear sound, even at high frequencies.

As for battery life, Apple claims that it can use up to 6 hours for a single charge, while its box increases the power up to 30 hours, while the previous model can only use 24 hours. In addition, the new box features an easy-to-find speaker port with Find My and IPX4 waterproof and antiperspirant protection.

The next-generation AirPods Pro will go on sale September 23 for $ 249.