Facebook Gaming on mobile will be shut down in a few months

 After more than two years of launch, Facebook has decided to shut down its Facebook Gaming app, which is no longer available on iOS or Android. The Facebook team sent an e-mail to users confirming that they will be shutting down the app starting October 28, 2022.

It should also be noted that Facebook Gaming users on the computer or through the website will still be able to run, except that the mobile application is closed. To compete with YouTube Gaming, Microsoft Mixer (before shutting down) and especially Twitch, so Facebook Gaming was created and released a mobile app in 2020. Mixer was later merged with Facebook Gaming and entered into exclusive deals with well-known employees such as Ninja and Shroud.

So can this be a sign that Facebook is starting to withdraw from the gaming industry or not? Although Facebook Gaming is gaining popularity and there are many live streamers playing games, it is not yet at the top level of other companies.