Avoid Virus Tracking on Android Phones by Following All These Methods

Most of you probably know that security is the most important part of a smartphone today because it stays with us all the time and knows more about us. As a result, some scammers want to steal important data or the location of the phone to resell or do something bad. However, the following check methods will help avoid those problems.

Check out Google Play Protect

This is a virus scanner created by Google itself, so we should always turn it on so that it can automatically scan for viruses on a regular basis.

Location: Go to Play Store> Click on Profile in the upper right corner> Click on Play Protect

Check Accessibility

For this site, we will look at the names of three apps that have been found to be virus-tracking phones for a long time, hidden under the name "Accessibility" or "Device Health". . If you see those names on the "Accessibility" tab, then click Close immediately.

Location: Go to Settings> System> Accessibility or search for it by typing "Accessibility"

Check if there is Admin application installed on your phone

Most of the Admin software is used by some companies to manage the work phone assigned to any employee, it is easy for the company to control the lock, delete data and other functions. However, it is also used by rogue groups to track the same users. Therefore, when you see a program called "System Service", "Device Health" or "Device Admin" on the Device admin apps, delete it by clicking on them and click Deactivate this device admin app. .

Location: Go to Settings> Search for that place by Search, type "Device admin apps"

Check for malware to be uninstalled

Viruses do not appear on the Home Screen until you go to Settings to delete them. The following malware programs have been found to be able to access calendars, call data, incoming calls, cameras, phonebook and phone location.

Location: Go to Settings> Apps> Uninstall a virus called "Device Health" or "System Service"

Note: If the program is real, we will not see the Uninstall button.

For the above method, it is effective to remove many viruses, including Copy9, MxSpy, TheTruthSpy, iSpyoo, SecondClone, TheSpyApp, ExactSpy, FoneTracker and GuestSpy. Hopefully this article can help you all, and if you do not see the names of all those apps on your phone, even better.