Apple unveils $ 799 big screen watch for heavyweight, hiker and mountaineer

 At the "Far Out" event, Apple unveiled its first ever large-screen watch, the Apple Watch Ultra, aimed at athletes and mountaineers alike.

The watch is redesigned with a flat sapphire crystal display, action buttons and SIM support. This Action Button can be used for instant access to various functions such as exercise, turn on the compass and many more functions.

The body is made of lightweight titanium, 49 mm thick and can emit light up to 2000 nits. Additional features include strong battery life of up to 36 hours and up to 60 hours of battery life.

The Apple Watch Ultra is also equipped with up to three microphones to enhance the sound quality of voice calls and the ability to reduce the air level to a new level to provide clearer sound before making a call. The watch features a built-in depth gauge with GPS, using two new frequencies to troubleshoot locations or receive GPS signals in hard-to-reach locations.

It also has the same functionality as the Apple Watch Series 8, can detect if there is an accident, it will automatically call the emergency services and provide location.

The Apple Watch Ultra starts at $ 799 and launches today, with the watch set to launch on September 23rd.